Further inspiration and support

img_3844-1The idea of the Creative Learning Kits is for you and your family to find the right balance for you. It is important to remember that this isn’t school.. there no requirement to present things in a particular way or to hand things in for marking! However, if you would like a little more support or maybe just some more visual inspiration for the project box that you are working through, you are in luck.

Pinterest Boards..

There are Pinterest boards to complement every one of the large project boxes. On here you will find a range of different visual loveliness to inspire your creative journey and stretch it further.

Templates and Extra Downloads..

For each of the project boxes there are activities that encourage a range of different activities.. sometimes you might find it easier to use one of the downloadable templates to give a little more structure and guidance.. or maybe just to colour in and get a bit Arty.

Watch this space for extra downloads and templates to help your project grow.